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The company's new electronic services have been partly finaced by the European Fund for Regional Growth and the Greek State in the framework of the programme ‘e-services’
The company's new electronic services have been partly finaced by the European Fund for Regional Growth and the Greek State in the framework of the programme
Terms of Use
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www.reppas.gr is the electronic shop of Greek anonymous company “Afi Th. Reppa A.E.”, that has his seat in [Monastiraki] Attica, in the address Athina 15 and [Kakoyrgodikeioy] 3, in Greece.
We advise you as the all users of our web page www.reppas.gr to read carefully and to comprehend the below terms and conditions, that are applied specifically for the use of electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. that is found in the address www.reppas.gr, front you enter in the electronic shop and wander in our web page because the further use and your tour in the [ano] web page www.reppas.gr involve the explicit and unconditional consent and your consent with them.

1. Terms

Afi Th. Reppa A.E. maintains the right modify unilaterally or renew the present terms and the conditions of transactions, that become via her electronic shop, according to her needs and the exchange morals. Afi Th. Reppa A.E. undertakes the obligation to inform their virtuous for by any chance modifications as well as for any change, via from the web page of present electronic shop.

2. Information and Products

H Afi Th. Reppa A.E. is committed as for the quality, the plenitude and the validity of information that is mentioned in the web page of www.reppas.gr, so much with regard to the precise elements that are exposed what provided, from her electronic shop, services, under the reserve of by any chance techniques or of the press errors, that cannot be forecasted or have resulted involuntarily or from interruptions in the operation in the web page on reasons of superior violence.

3. Restriction of responsibility
  1. Afi Th. Reppa A.E. is not accountable against the customers of/users for damage that by any chance results from the implementation or not their order (apart from cases where they are reported in paragraph 9 “Retraction/Return - Replacement of Products”).
  2. The company is held as for per year delivery of merchandises in the cases of superior violence. The electronic shop www.reppas.gr none guarantee can provide for the availability of products, but it guarantees the convenient briefing of final consumers [peri] their not availability.
  3. The electronic shop www.reppas.gr provides the content (eg information, names, photographs, depictions, etc.), the products and the services that are sold via the network place “as precisely have”.
  4. In no case the electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. does not bring responsibility for by any chance requirements legal or urban and/or penal nature neither for by any chance damage (positive, special or negative which indicatively and no restrictively, disjunctive and/or accumulatively consists loss of profits, data, [diafygonta] profits, pecuniary satisfaction etc.) from visitors of network place or third from cause that has relation with the operation or not and/or the use of network place and/or in weakness of benefit of services and/or information that is been disposed by this and/or by any chance not allowed interventions third in products and/or services and/or information that is sold via this.

4. Right of intellectual property

  1. The present web page is the official electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E.. The all content of web page, included pictures, graphic, photographs, drawings, texts, provided services and products they constitute intellectual property of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. and they are protected at the relative provisions of Greek right, European right and international conventions.
  2. Is prohibited any copy, proportional/digital registration and mechanic reproduction, distribution, transport, downloading, transformation, after-sale, creation of derivative work or manipulation of public with regard to the real supplier of Content of [diadiktyakoy] place. By any chance reproduction, re-print, loading, statement, distribution or transmission or any other use of Content or means for commercial or other aims are by all means allowed only then previous written authorisation of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. or any other legal beneficiary of above intellectual rights.
  3. The names, pictures, logos and discreet traits that represent Afi Th. Reppa A.E. and/or her electronic shop www.reppas.gr and/or third parts contracted with them as well as the products or their services, are exclusive signals and discreet traits of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. and/or www.reppas.gr and/or the [ano] third parts and they are protected from Greek, Community and international laws [peri] commercial signals and industrial and intellectual property. In every case the appearance and their report in the web page www.reppas.gr and in the electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. should not at no way be considered as transfer or cession of authorisation or their right of use.

5. Responsibility of User

The users of web page www.reppas.gr accept that they will not use [t]o electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. for mission, publication, mission with e-mail or transmission with other ways of any Content is illegal, damaging, threatening, offensive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, [libelografiko], constitutes violation the confidential some other, it shows bitterness, or it expresses racial, national or other discriminations, it is able it causes damage in minors with any way, it is not eligible it is transmitted according to the legislation or the conventional or administrative relations (as internal information, property and confidential information that was acquired or revealed as part of labour relations or that is covered in agreements of confidentiality), it forces any license, commercial signal, commercial secret, intellectually right or other property rights third person, it contains viruses of software or any other codes, files or programs, that have been drawn aiming at the interruption, the challenge of damage, the destruction or the equipment of operation of any software or material of computers, wanted or unwillingly it violates the being in effect Greek and Community legislation and the provisions of this, it is able it harasses third by all means and any Content it is used for collection or storage of personal data with regard to other users.

6. Safety

Afi Th. Reppa A.E. gives big accent in the safety of your personal data as well as in the safety of your electronic transactions and it receives the all essential metres, with the most modern and advanced methods, so that is ensured your biggest possible safety. The all information, that is related with the personal elements and your transactions, is sure and confidential. The safety of Electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. is achieved with the following methods:

  1. Recognition of Customer
  2. Code that are used for your recognition are two: code Entry (e-mail) and Personal Secret Code Safety (password), that each time where you register them you provide access with absolute safety in your personal elements.
    You give you the possibility of altering Personal Secret Code Safety (password) as long as often you wish. Alone that has access in your elements you are you via above code and you are exclusively persons in charge for the maintenance of secrecy and his dissimulation from third persons. In the event his loss or his escape it will be supposed [probeite] in our direct notice, differently the electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. is not accountable for the use of secret code from not permitted person. You we recommend, for reasons of safety, you change password your in regular time intervals and you avoid the use of himself and easily [anichneysimon] code (eg date of birth).

  3. Guarantee of Secrecy of Transport of your Personal Data
  4. For the guarantee of secrecy of transport of data, we use the protocol of encryption SSL-128bit. The system has been certified by the company Geotrust, which is specialised on issues safety of transactions.

  5. Wall of Protection
  6. The access in the systems of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. (servers) is checked from wall of protection, that allows the use of concrete services from the customers users prohibiting, at the same time, the access in systems and bases of data with confidential elements and information of company.

  7. Encryption
  8. In any point site you import personal data (password, addresses, telephones, credit cards etc.) it exists encryption SSL 128-bit. The encryption is substantially a way of coding of information [mechri] this reaches in her certain recipient, which might him decode with use of suitable key.
    Each time where you are connected with the electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E., the all communication between t o your n of computer and systems of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. [kryptografeitai] with use of key 128 bits. That is to say, each time where you first send information to your system, browser [kryptografei] with use of key 128 bits and afterwards him sends in the system.
    The system of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. [apokryptografei] first the information that receives using it is predetermined him same key (that with the beginning of your connection with the service) and afterwards him processes. Similarly, the systems of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. they dispatch to you information following him same process of encryption.

  9. Secrecy of Transactions

    The company considers us obvious the observation of secrecy of transactions as [alloste] she happens also in the classic transactions, via our natural shops. The all information that is transmitted from virtuous/[melos] in [Afoi]. [Th]. [Reppa] HM they are confidential and [Afoi]. [Th]. [Reppa] HM has taken the all essential measures so that becomes their use only insofar as this is judged necessary in the frame of provided services. Certain of the meters that they have been taken have been following:

    1. Only our permitted personnel has access in the information of your transactions and only whenever this is necessary, eg for the transaction of your orders.
    2. Afi Th. Reppa A.E. does not reveal the elements of customers and their transactions, unless has first your written authorisation or this is imposed by juridicial decision or decision of other public beginning.
    3. In the case where Afi Th. Reppa A.E. uses third for the support of her systems, attends to the guarantee of secrecy.
    4. Have the possibility of asking any elements they are observed for you as well as the correction in the event that you can argue the existence of error.
    5. For your own safety, will be supposed also you you are careful and consequently to handle the all information that is provided via the service as confidential and confidential. Do not make their any revelation in third persons.
    6. Our informative lists and other printed material from our company it will only be dispatched to you provided that him you wish also him you declare in somebody from the special fields of our web page www.reppas.gr
  10. In every case the electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. with no way does not reveal or it publicises your personal data and the information that you entrust in us. The personal data that you place in our disposal with your registration as member are used exclusively for the implementation of your transactions. The all information [kryptografoyntai] and is looked after with absolute safety.

7. Personal Data

  1. At your visit in the pages of www.reppas.gr and so that you order products, but also in order to is ensured the possibility of communication together you so that you we inform for our new products, it is likely to you to be asked to declare elements that you concern (name, profession, electronic address, date of birth etc). The by any chance personal data that you [opoydipote] declare in the pages and the services of [diadiktyakoy] place of www.reppas.gr, are intended exclusively for the guarantee of operation of corresponding service and it is not allowed they are used by anyone third person, without are observed the provisions of Law 2472/97 with regard to the protection from treatment of data of personal character, as this is in effect each time.
  2. The electronic shop www.reppas.gr functions according to the being in effect Greek and Community legislation and it observes with safety your personal data for as long as time interval you are registered in some service of www.reppas.gr which are erased afterwards the by all means expiry of exchange relation. The personal data that you declare in the electronic shop www.reppas.gr are used exclusively by this or collaborating with this enterprises, aiming at the support, promotion and implementation of exchange relation.
  3. The observed elements of file are able are communicated in the responsible judiciaries, police and other administrative beginnings then their legal demand and according to each time being in effect legislative provisions. The customer has, in the frames of legislation [peri] secrecy of telecommunications, the rights of briefing and objection that forecast articles 11 until 13 law 2472/1997.

8. Market of Products

  1. In our electronic shop, you can find most from our products in tools, instruments and foodstuffs.
  2. For your better service, our products are separated in categories and subclasses that present as choices in the left winger part of your screen.
  3. Besides, you have the possibility of using the choice “Search” and with word key or description, of be led directly to what you search.
  4. [Afoi] [Th]. [Reppa] HM makes each possible effort to provide services of high quality but nevertheless it is not accountable for by any chance errors in prices and [char]/[ka] products and cannot ensure, that will not exist interruptions of operation of web page or “human” errors at the briefing/insertion of price of product. In the event that you locate some error or observe something extraordinary (eg in the price or the characteristics of product), we request you immediately inform us in the elements that you will find in the page “Communication”.

9. Retraction/Return - Replacement of Products

  1. Our company gives you the right return the products that you bought and ask their replacement a) in the all cases in which with proven culpability of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. were sold erroneous products or products bad and defective quality (error in the reception of order, in the pricing, in the mission, that some product was destroyed at the transport or reason of bad packing) and b) in the all cases in which existed problem/real fault in the product of (operation or quality) which is covered by the guarantee of product and provided that the guarantee has been given by Afi Th. Reppa A.E.. In the present provision do not raise products that are covered by guarantees third as by the constructor of product or his representative.
  2. In every case and for the all above cases the maximum time margin of return for replacement is not able it exceeds the twenty (20) calendar days from the date of receipt. Moreover, for the all cases should the product to replacement-repair be accompanied essentially from the original proof of market. For the all above cases to replacement-repair products should be found in the situation that was received by the customer, complete and without deteriorations and their packing she is the one that regularly accompanies the product and it is in most excellent situation, with the all documents which accompanied the product (eg [DAT], [Ap]. Retail and so on). Before each return it is recommended it together precedes communication us in the elements that you will find in the page “Communication of” present web page. In every case the return and replacement are feasible under the below conditions:

    1. In the case where you communicate the same day or the next weekday day together us in the elements that you will find in the page “Communication of” present web page.
    2. In the case where the product has not been used
    3. In the case where the product is accompanied by the all essential documents, that prove the transaction (eg [DAT], [Ap]. Retail and so on)
  3. In the case where the [en]' because products are not returned inside duration of 20 days then Afi Th. Reppa A.E. is able it does not accept any return and the replacement.

10. Cancellation of Order

Cancellation of order is able it becomes in the below cases:

  1. Front it is completed the order, at the duration of electronic process of order you can interrupt automatically your order.
  2. If it has been completed the electronic order but have still not been dispatched the product can communicate together us in the elements that you will find in the page “Communication of” present web page and your order it will be cancelled by us.
  3. Afterwards the receipt of product, you can communicate together us in the elements that you will find in the page “Communication of” present web page and one from our representatives it will try you [ekypiretisei] if this is possible and to you it explains your choices.

11. Ways of Payment

  1. Payment via Credit Card:
  2. For the completion of your orders, the electronic shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. accepts the all credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners. Your transactions in our electronic shop are protected from maximum systems of online safety (SSL-128 bit and digital certification by the company Geotrust) which are used by the bigger electronic shops in the world and guarantee a sure environment of transactions.
    For the markets with your credit card you follow the directives that exist in our electronic shop. It will be asked to you to supplement the form of order and the number and the date of expiry of your credit card. In the case where you select to pay with credit card it will be supposed you are present at the receipt of order your your having together you credit card and your identity. In this case (that is to say payment via credit card) is not allowed the receipt of order from third person.

  3. [Antikataboli] (Payment of on reception order in your space):
  4. Can pay the employee of our company, or the carrier with the delivery of your order in your space.

  5. Receipt and payment of your order in the nearest shop of Afi Th. Reppa A.E.:
  6. Have the possibility Of making your order from our electronic shop and of selecting to receive your products the next day from the shops of Afi Th. Reppa A.E. that accomodates you. In this case, you will pay for the value of your products on the spot.

  7. With deposit in banking account:
    1. ALPHA BANK: 105002320000612
    2. COMMERCIAL BANK: 01580715749
    3. AGROTIKI BANK: 0170102761644
    4. NATIONAL BANK: 14647114918
  8. Can also anticipate your order in one from the following accounts of Banks that collaborate our company.

    After you deposit the money, you send us the copy of banking command of payment with fax in the number that you will find in the page “Communication of” present web page. With the reception of copy of banking command of payment, we dispatch to you your order.

12. Difference between price of shop and price of electronic shop

Policy of our company is the agreement of prices between our natural shops and our electronic shop. Nevertheless you find probably in our electronic shop special offers in selectively products and you profit from such handings-over.

13. Order/Delivery of Products Expenses of Mission

  1. Expenses of Mission:
  2. For orders inside Attica the missions are free of charge.
    For orders except Attica of value greater than 100€ the missions are free of charge.
    For orders except Attica of value smaller 100€ and up to 5 kilos, the debit is 5€.
    For orders except Attica of value smaller 100€ and above 5 kilos, the debit is 15€.

  3. Dates and hours of delivery
The products are delivered to us weekday days except cases where something different has been agreed together you.

14. Delay of order

Exists the possibility your order to delay for somebody from the following reasons:

  1. The product has delayed it is sent by our supplier.
  2. The product that you ordered already has been suppressed and he is not available.
  3. In periods of extreme meteorological phenomena or strikes as well as in every case superior violence, that is able it influences the transport and delivery of your order.
  4. In the event that is impossible telephone and/or via electronic post (e-mail) communication together is presented to you (if some problem in your order, or concerning the product or concerning his payment) because [pch] your elements that you have registered is not rightly informing.